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Dinner Theatre.

Our next Dinner Theatre Production will be in November 2020. As yet we have not chosen the play to perform so this is a great time to join us if you interested in being involved in any capacity. A major factor infuencing our eventual choice of play is how many actors do we have available? It's as simple as that. How many male, how many female actors so now really is an ideal time to join us or at least express an interest.

Please contact us by emailing: who knows, you may be the very reason we are able to perform a particular play.

Theatre At Home.

We have no immediate plans for our next 'Theatre At Home' production.

Murder Mystery.

The first performance of our next Murder-Mystery is pencilled in for Spring 2020

The first performance is usually to our own audience, raising money which goes towards our annual charitable donation. After that, the show goes "on tour" and supports other organisations fund raising efforts.

Please contact us if you are interested in hosting a performance.

If you would like to be involved in any capacity, or if you would like us to perform at your own venue, then please contact us by emailing: